Dortons Whisky Club

One of the UKs leading cask whisky investment opportunities


Our business

Our business was established with one primary objective in mind. To help you own tangible and luxury items that increase in value over time. We believe the feeling of ownership is so powerful that we will use every available resource we can to demonstrate that acquisition is our passion. For too long, building a portfolio of whisky casks has been out of reach for most private investors due to limited access and a lack of transparency in the industry.

Dortons was founded at the crossroads of passion and finance. While our team has always loved whisky, it wasn’t until 2017 that we were first introduced to one of the most profound discoveries of our lives: individuals could purchase and own entire casks of whisky.


For 30 years

For over 30 years we had been immersed in the world of tangible assets, but we had never seen an opportunity like this. Whereas most tangible assets remain the same, whisky casks ware an investment that continue to get better with time. Since whisky continues to develop flavour and appreciate in value only while contained within the cask, this creates a very interesting dynamic for investors.

Dortons is committed to helping investors around the world unlock the power of whisky investment to build stronger and higher yielding portfolios. We have established relationships with distilleries all over Scotland and Ireland. A Friendly, Professional Approach to Whisky Investing We arrange in office meetings with our clients where they have an opportunity for a 1 on 1 consultation and arrange visit tours of the distilleries we work closely with.